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Kaip greitai sumažinti kraujo spaudimą? - Distonija November

Holidays in Palanga I want to tell about my ideal holidays. I am going to write about summer holidays in Palanga. One day I and my friends decided that enough to sit at home and need to do something interesting.

Aukštas kraujospūdis

So we decided to go to Palanga. Our group was composed from four people: I, my boyfriend, his brother and cousin. We packed lagguages, sat to the car and after five hours we were in Palanga.

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Sergant hipertenzija, kas nutinka indams rented a flat, brought all the things inside and went to the beach. The beach was crowded. We lied on the warm sand and started to sunbathe.

Kaip greitai sumažinti kraujo spaudimą?

Sun was very warm and it was so good! Sea was very quied and we decided to go to swim. The water was cold but we swam, played and splashed as if it was warm. In the evening we came back from the beach, and then we all had a shower and went to the town. Our stomaches were growling with hunger. We went into the cafe to have a dinner.

Ar galima skristi lėktuve su hipertenzija

When we got full we went for a walk into Basanavičius alley. There was a lot of funfairs. We went to the horror room, after that to the big wheel, witch turned as very fast. It was so exciting!

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After this dispots we went to the club. There our group galite skristi su hipertenzija some cocktails and went to galite skristi su hipertenzija. Some hours later we all went back to the flat and quickly fall to sleep.

3 laipsnio hipertenzija, galimas pavojus 4

Next day we woke up and saw that the rain was getting to start. So we decided to stay into flat and to think what to do in the evening. But in the evening was raining too so we just went to the seaside to see the sunrise.

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In the flat we played with cards and witch from as had lose that had to do a work. It was funny.

Padidėjęs kraujo spaudimas – liga žudikė, kurios simptomai dažniausiai nejaučiami

Together we danced, wollowed, met a lot of friendly, accommodating maybe and some strange people. We were in Palanga all week.

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Every day brought me something new and interesting. Last day my boyfriend met his cousins so half day we communicated with them, about nightfall we packed and leaved the town.

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We were happy that deviced this journey. When we came home was very late.

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This summer we want to go to the seaside too. I hope we will have the same much fun and pleasure.

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